The Jewel of Life

The Jewel of Life is our unique self-growth system that is designed to help you create more balance, bliss and brilliance into every facet of your life. It works by combining a process of self-exploration and aligned action so that we can discover our true authentic needs and desires and intentionally create a life that resonates within.

Facet of Focus:

Although you can work on any facet at any time we’ve dedicated each one to specific month of the year. This means that every month we’ll be putting a different facet under the spotlight via our blog, social media and Diamond Club to help you shine brighter in a specific area of your life.

This month our facet of focus is Attitude & Gratitude.

The Facet’s:

Below are all of the facets in our Jewel of Life system, including their core lesson and dedicated month…

January: Spirit & Soul
Core Lesson: Self-acceptance
February: Love & Romance
Core Lesson: Self-love
March: Money & Finance
Core Lesson: Self-worth

April: Spring Clean Your Life
Core Lesson: Self-renewal
May: Health & Wellbeing
Core Lesson: Self-care
June: Friends & Family
Core Lesson: Self-respect

July: Fun & Recreation
Core Lesson: Self-motivation
August: Summer Sparkle
Core Lesson: Self-confidence
September: Career & Business
Core Lesson: Self-development

October: Environment & Surroundings
Core Lesson: Self-survival
November: Attitude & Gratitude
Core Lesson: Self-awareness
December: Winter Wrap-Up
Core Lesson: Self-celebration


Recommended Rezources:

Below are some of our favourite rezources for getting started with the Jewel of Life system…

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